Thursday, May 14, 2009


Played the PL mixed FTOPS event tonight and quite enjoyed it. Basically mix of PLNLHE and PLO. About 1000 runners for 200$ buy in and I was 90th for 300$ and odd dollars but was never in a fantastic position.

Then was in a bit of a hole at cash and ended up all in (dont ask I 4 bet bluffed !!) with 910 hearts versus a small stacker and another guy who has AA. Anyway i spiked 2 pair and took down a 1000 EUR pot which put me about £300 in front for the day at close of play which would have been a 6-700 loss if did not get lucky.

However I lost more than double that on a couple of big bets at York races. One I had a fortune on at 6-1 and if got a clear run would have psihed in :(

Off to York races Friday with all my mates from Lanchester, then last home game of season followed by a few bevvies and then have stuff to sort house wise Sunday followed by some multis.


Brenos said...

Good work 4bet bluffing a short stack and getting there. POWER POKER!!

BurnleyMik said...

Hey fella your blog is on my reading list and wondered if you could plz return the favour and link me up:

Cheers mate,


p.s. Have a good un Friday!