Friday, May 08, 2009


100 rebuy on *s tonight - 300 and odd runners I chip lead early and am going very well thinking I could land my 1st big result for a while.

About 100 left then these 3 hands within 10 mins.

I shove over raises 1 calls me JJ v 1010 flop 3 diamonds less than 10 and I have J diamond and he hits the other 10.

2 mins later i raise and get a flatter in BB again me JJ flop 10 9 7 that he pushes and shows J 10 - runner runner for flush for him.

The next hand a raiser and I shove all in with AK trying to look like on tilt. KQ calls and river is a Q.

That sums up perfectly 2009 multis.

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