Thursday, May 21, 2009


Very small field 40 odd for day 1A went something like below.

- 1st 3 hrs snore fest I hate live poker.
- Get moved tables (looks like more action)
- Raise from button 67 BB flats I continuation bet Ace flop and win pot.
- Next hand I raise from cut off with 2 black kings (1st decent hand in 3 hrs)to 450 and get repopped to 1500 - someone then flats the 1500 and i shove about 10K, this gets through original ranger and then quickly called. Pretty sure I must be versus QQ or AK so 70 or 80% equity but he turns over aces and board does not even bring a sweat.

I mention 2 black kings as I went out exactly the same hand last year !! Also the 2nd live tourney in a row when I have got it in with 2nd nuts v nuts which is obviously extremely annoying set up.


After I went out I went for tea with a couple of players I met at CPC (Geo / Joey) and decided to paly the £100 side event. However it was capped at 90 and only taking alternates so i sacked it off. Hence came home loaded a few cash tables to try and win entry back.

Just had a 3 way all in on PLO me QD 9D on a JT8 flop ( 2 di flop) versus 1010 rag rag and AD 2D and the turn and the board came rag rag non dis. Shipped the 1450EUR pot and instantly logged off in profit for the day inclding main event buy in :)


Brenos said...

Shit :-(

BurnleyMik said...

LMAO. Nice way to recover the day!