Tuesday, May 26, 2009



Ok the facts are that the majority of my poker income over the last 2.5 years has come from multi tournaments. Last year I won 3 major tournaments that all paid over 20000 USD each which is 2/3rds of my years profits.

This yeat the only Multi I won was a 300 and odd runner EPT qualifyer that I then lasted 45 mins in the main event, hence in a 5 figure hole for the year at multis. Azimut told me last year to enjoy it while it lasts as variance is huge in multis and can have long horrible periods, how right he was.


1) Turing this around from a PMA perspective is a simple fact that I run bad this year at multis but obviously to win 3 big tournies in 3 months I must have run hot last year and now recognise this more than ever.

2) Fortunately I have improved my cash game during the year and now think I am a half decent 3 6 NL player over 2/3 tables. At the same time my PLO game has improved to break even. Hence, the net result is I have been able to cover my multi losses via other forms of poker.

Looking foward I am going to cut down my expenditure on multis unless show a profit in the week from cash. If I want to play the fancy big money Sunday majors then I am going to have to earn it by slogging the sats to get into them. This should also help me play through the negative variance and hopefully I can make a few quid at cash at the same time.

I have had a couple of big unexpected hits expenditure wise and dont have a big roll at the minute. I also set up an ISA and have started to buy some shares via this thus reducing the roll further, and locked up £500 on Hull to go down next year at 9-4 at weekend.

Hence the immediate future looks like lower stakes or I need to sick run good !! I should get about 500-600 rakeback and a repayment of £1k on a loan hence should have about a £2-£2.5K roll for May. Time to run good again !!!

I am going to the Derby via a VIP invite that Brennan and Ben are going too also in June that sounds mint. However, i learned today that I probably will not be able to go and pick up my owners badge that day which is dissapointing as cannot get over to that enclosure with the double decker bus entrance tickets we will have.


Brenos said...

Good post and good luck with the plan.

Also I reckon you can sweet talk yourself (us ;-D) an entry to where you need to be, you old silver tongued charmer ;-)

Anonymous said...

I think the £500 on Hull is a good investment mate, they are shockingly bad and have now been found out. Relagation witll be them, Burnley (who will be hammered everyweek) and probably Wolves or Brum. None of the new teams look good enough to cope with the Premier League.