Friday, January 01, 2010


1) Stick to what I am statistically profitable at (6 max NLHE and multis) while at the same time reading / watching videso about PLO to understand game better.

2) If not winning in first 6 months of year then to really reduce play to "social" in latter half of year when little one comes along.

3) Talk about cash hands more with a couple of local pros.

4) Do not lay back stake on Betfair on bets, I have had some great long term bets that I have layed and layed and layed to all green rather than redeposit.

5) Aim to win 12K in year and 9 months profitable (much reduced target versus last year due to downturn in last 6 months).

6) Much more disciplined note taking at cash, building up much better profiles for decision making than I have previous.

No big targets or aims in live MTT, I decided after Macau and EPO last year when I made no mistakes that if it is going to be your day it will be but in hands of gods and have to win at least 80-20s that i have constantly lost in them this year and need to start winning some races also.

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