Saturday, January 23, 2010


Recovered all the way back from -4K£ early in month to get my nose above break even for all of a few hours. I then ran sick in all big pots and then lost a buy in tonight and am right back at -£4K again for month.

I had been getting staked this year on a certain deal which I will not reveal here, rather then start playing the micro limits which my bankroll was only equipped for after worldwide trip and prep for when Jean will be off work with no pay.

Put 18000 hands in in 21 days despite working full time and really dissapointed not to land a return for my staker which originally I thought was a genuine good deal for both. Running -200BB v EV over 6 month dont help either.

feel pretty low at moment tbh.

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FlopIt... said...

Stick in there mate im in the same boat. Basically down 20 BI's on the year!

I'm prolly going to come to Manc UKIPT. so that will be something to look forward too!