Saturday, January 09, 2010


Had another suck out my way today to go with the one i posted last night, basically in raised pot got it in with ak on ak2 board v KK and spiked an ace which was nice in a 800$ pot.

I won at cash today, although not a great deal. However, I do think I am starting to play the 20 min blind short stackers better also. Talked with a couple of my full time mates and made a couple of adjustments which is making a but of a difference. However, I do still find them so annoying and constantly get e mail warnings of *s for chat v them !!!!

Anyway, more positive outlook despite been well down for month. If I can have a bit of run average or even better good in multis then I will be a happy bunny again. Also despite losing this is the best volume I have ever done. Think I have played 8000 hands this year which considering I only 3 table max this is a lot (far too many!!) hours.

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