Sunday, February 21, 2010


Just came 12th (Top UK again) of 661 in the 300 100K gtd on *s once again missing the big cash.

I probably made a mistake on last hand when 10th of 12 and shoving from BB, when had been a min raiser and caller ahead of me with initial mid raiser had been at it for ages but I had total camel crunch. My read was good on 1st player who insta folded but guy who had flatted had AQ and my QT was totally dominated and exited 12th for 2.4k$.

However prizes were huge again on FT so missed the big money again. 1st 37K 5th 10K and 8th 5k 3 examples, however from 30 odd left I was always in bottom 5 or so, I also had several suckouts in tourney so cant twist and another decent run, hopefully one day soon can convert to decent FT cash.

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