Monday, February 08, 2010


Really frustrating night on *s thus far.

In warm up I got up to 36K from 10K start before spuzzing a hand I should have got away from and got it in as bad as you can with AQ v SB AK and BB KK !!!!

In million I got a stack and again i should have got away from SB v BB confrontation when his 4 bet size screamed a monster, especially when he shoved all in on J high 3 flush board and I pathetically called off with AJ (no flush) versus his AA, as thought shove = AK with one flush card.

Am currently playing the Sunday 500 for 1st time on *s but have less than starting stack, hoping to nit up for a bit as want to be in for few hrs when superbowl is on.

Also played 2 tables higher stakes earlier today, losing 1000 at PLO on a bluff v almost nuts before recovering 3/4 of this on a 5 10 table at cash.

GO SAINTS !!! Hope game is as good as lingerie equivalent :D

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