Monday, February 15, 2010


Mini run ended today. Always feels worse when on day off work also as usually would not have played. Some of the cash plays on stars in afternoon were pretty poor but i was just on the wrong side of races versus total donks.

Example is hand like below.

P1 raise to 18, P3 flats I have AK and raise to 72 and p1 folds, i think p3 may flat his small / medium pair. However he raised but has fold equity to shove, I am certain he can only have small pair so shove for stacks and he insta calls with 44 and holds.

Few other hands like above that were slightly annoying. However, decent month so far and I am in Amsterdam with work Wed / Thur so wont be playing then and probably a multi only tomorrow when watching Milan / Man U.

Playing the 100 freezout and the 100 rebuy on stars tonight, will update later if get anywhere.


Bust out both above when above average chips and in races for big stacks. However, on plus side got level on day when a huge fish sat at 5 10 NL$ however unfortunately he only had 1 buy in.

Also noticed in HEM stats in one session today I played 64 42 with 3 bet 36 which cant be good - hope it was short handed !!!!

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