Sunday, February 28, 2010


Since I bored you all for 6 months about how bad I was running in latter half of 2009 and over 20K behind EV I thought I should share some good fortune in 2010.

1) About 5K$ above EV at NL cash.
2) Sports betting, when things were always going against me I have these 4 bets from this weekend.

BET 1 - Backed Wales +6.5 v France in Rugby - turned off half time when 20 down but turned over with 5 mins left just as France kicked pen to go 12 up (or 6 on handicap), very late wales try and I need the coversion to win which go's in after hitting inside of post/

BET 2 - Layed Stoke when 1 up v Arsenal and then backed Arsenal at evens and to win 2-1 when Stoke went to 10 men. 2 late goals - another collect.

BET 3 - I watched Glasgow derby today and was surprised to see Rangers 7-4 at half time so had a ton on, they just notched with last kick off game to win 1 0.

BET 4 - Had below enhanced treble bet just because PP sent me an email and it seemed a good price. However Villa played well and I thought Brenos (pictured) had a solid game for the opposition.

10-1 enhanced treble Spurs Man U Liverpool

Hopefully, this post does not equal end of run good, but as Brenos would say hopefully this balances my blog range :D

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Brenos said...

lol nice one!

I've actually played against him a few times when I was 13-16, but we weren't the doppelgangers we are today. I was skinnier and better than him and things obviously haven't changed ;-)