Sunday, February 14, 2010


£500 buy in 2 day1s and then a day 2 and day 3, over 500 runners with 72 paid £800 upwards.

Day 1

Started bad when Brenos could not play, went down as low as 9K from 15K starting stack but then started to win uncontested pots and then AQ v KQ for about 17K pot. Got to last level of night and really turned on the turbo charger to try and get a stack and re raised the table raiser loads but did not result in any big pots. However uncontested winnings took me to just under 50k at end of play versus 66k average and join 122 back for day 2.

Two other thing of note was I folded aces when i had raised pre with 2 callers and bet out and on QJ7 board and got called and reraised. Last hand was played at 330AM and got home just as Brennan hit finial table of 20 EUR rebuy and watched him take it down around 5AM which was good to see after what had happened earlier.

Day 2
This started OK picking up plenty of pots uncontested but then lost a couple of pots to a reraise when I had air. I was then involved in a pot to go over 100K when i had AA v another Mark from Newcastle who had KK and this held putting me on average stack with 70 odd left and for the first time in a half decent position.

Was a really funny hand on bubble, dealers were instructed to not turn cards over if all in and call in case same happened on other table, and ended up with 3 tables with all in and calls. The guy on our table was told he was facing QQ and all he said was he did not have an A or K so obviously the other guy appears in great shape, when cards were turned over he has QQ also :).

Big hand on bubble when I had QQ and got re popped by a young 18 year old kid who I thought was playing awesome, however his 3 bet range was light so i was about to shove when ultra tight guy in big blind shoved. I was covered by the young kid and firmly put the guy who pushed on AA KK or AK so folded. He did indeed have AK but fortunately for me the young kid had AA so turned out awesome fold although not in the way I had expected!!!

So I had cashed but 4 bug stacks at table, I had opened for 10K with 75K behind when a big stack shoved and i folded which I think in hindsight I should have called, I then shoved J9 from big bling to small blind raiser which got through. Going into last hand I had 75K which was less than half average. I picked up A4 in small blind and shoved when folded to me with 15K in bot with blinds and antes. Big blind called with 55 expecting race and he was delighted to see my hand. I had flush outs on turn but missed and exited for £1200 in 38th place, half of which I need to ship my mate who had staked me in Jan - ultimately disappointed it was not more but pleased with performance.

This is also my 1st ranking cash in the UK, with my previous 4 ranking cashes all coming on foreign shores at 2007 and 2008 CPC so pleased to get this out the way, next target a final table. Also enjoyed the crack at the poker tables this week, meeting some nice people.


Brenos said...

vwp mate ul not to do better!

TEAMDOBB said...

back in da groove!!!! wd wp gg

TEAMDOBB said...

back in da groove!!!! wd wp gg