Monday, February 08, 2010


Played the 100 rebuy on stars and sucked out AQ v AK for stacks early and raced up to 10L, however then had 2 beats the other way to leave me shafted and finished nowhere after promising start.

Also decided to treat myself to the 300 30K gtd on Lads which has 99 runners and 10 paid. I totally misplayed a hand when i should have chek raised flop to take down decent pot on bluff and failed to fire when i think it is huge EV to do so. Board was a345 with 2 spades and I had 2 after pre had gone check check and flop had gone bet, min raise which i figured he had nothing. In end he wins pot with K9 due to my lack of knackers !!

Fortunately 3 hands later i suck out when reraise all in with JJ and get snapped by AA but I flop a J. That now puts me in this with 30 left, currently 12th (10 paid) with just under average stack. I have 35BB. The tournament has a great format and I am very impressed, coming up to 4 hrs and blinds 250 500 so loads of playability.

Just doubled up from shortish stack with aa v jj on q high flop to go slightly above average with 24 left. I shoved flop and got the call.

Was 9th of 16 when folded to me in Small blind with a9 sooted - I 3*BB raise and he 3*BB reraises again (I seem to be getting shafted of late in SB v BB battles), I think of folding but decide I crush his range and shove. He time banks for over a minute and calls with AT which to be honest i was starting to think i must be ahead when he time banked so long, board paired on flop so had split chances but did not get there and now last of 16 with 10 paid. I wonder if my shoving range is too light but these seem to be 4 bet hands on SB v BB situation.

Anyway thats that - mega low (less than 10BB) - end of thread unless miracle final table and then will obv update and bring you it in running !!!


Out 13th for 0 after getting back in it, lost big pot when i flop top pair v quads to a min raise pre from JJ (???) then top pair flopped v same player and he has ace kicker.

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Hand is The cards a player holds.