Sunday, February 21, 2010


Warm Up Busted
FTOPS PLO Busted round 1
FPP qualifyer to Snowfest EPT - busted
*S 4 Mill GTD - Unregged
FTOPS NLHE FREEZEOUT - had massive stack but hust lost set up from blinds 1010 v JJ and now busted with pathetic push few hands later.

All in all a poor day as below things as well.

1) Been ill all day which aint good.
2) All the spurs players w@nking over that useless Russian cos he scores 2 goals in a year really got on my nerves!!

However, am on Poulter to win a few hundred and looks almost weighed in.


James said...

Spurs did well for once this weekend, especially with that horrendous pitch!

TEAMDOBB said...

fk Spurs!!! had 1-0 2-0 & under 2.5 goals so the daft twats net 3rd in injury time

fk spurs>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Brenos said...

Haha loving the Spurs hate!

Come on spurs/fk off spurs