Wednesday, October 17, 2007


1st game battle of the forums on Betfair. This was a superb event right till the final table. I captained Ante Post Horse Rcaing where i post and some of the regulars joined the team. We all did pretty well.

I was very impressed with poker capabilities of some of my co writers on the ante post forum Plat and AR who showed they had a shrewd game. I dropped right down to 500 chips but some how made a recovery to 20k. Last hand with 10 left I win with KK and go to about 4th or 5th of 9 left of 240 starters then the table collapses instead of opening final table. We have 2 players on final table (Plat and I) so we should win the forum prize but God knows what they will decide to do - a few people have said we cant be caught as we have 2 final table and an 11th and 2 more in top 50.

2nd final table was 16k which I sneaked on to but then got up to 2nd. However I dropped back and did a big overbet jam with JJ but ran into KK and was out in 7th for £280.

Horrid end to forum game as was immense event and big Thank you to UKGatsby for his work in organising - it must be a major blow for him the way it turned out - lets hope the resolution is to every ones satisfaction.

Well played ante post forum members :)

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