Sunday, October 14, 2007


My 1st snigg of a final table for ages but getting low with 13 left in 16k.

I push from small blind and someone calles from BB with Jack High. IN my opinion this is a truly awful call.

I am really annoyed and tbh totally gutted :(

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Anonymous said...

You say his call is awfull, iam not sure, its a plus ev situation for you to push any two cards,all pp so hes in decent shape against the majority.He also is in reasonble shape against A2 to A9 and not massive dog to AQ and AK, so only Aj,A10 he really doesnt want to see turned over.I think as i said your pushing or should be almost any 2 here so hes got a lot of connectors beat and again not in bad shape vs most of the rest.So i dont think j10 is that bad under these situations.But hes short and you are so theres also a tactical reason for him not to give you a walk,If he does you are gaining on him and able to apply more presure later.i think you did what you had too wp but he did too. just my opinion gl