Friday, October 19, 2007


Just cam 4th of 300 and odd in the Betfair 20k gtd and absolutely gutted.

Was chip leader on final table and won a smallish pot with a suckout Ace ten v ace king when i was chip leader.

However then with chip lead all in v 3rd for huge chip lead 77 v 66 pre he hits 6.
All in v small stack next hand 1010 v k10 he hits K.
Then get back in it 4 left - guy who beat me with 66 is all in from sb nearly every time i decide k high or higher i call - I get ace 5 v K 9 and h hits K again and Im gone 4th.

Massive difference in prices 1st 5000$ 4th 1600$ and as important I was in top 10 in multi leaderboard and this will put me near top - but 1st would probably have put me clear.

May post Fin tab via runittwice.

On plus side thats 4 final tables in row in 2 100+ games and 2 300+ games

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