Friday, October 05, 2007


Nope not the Leds nightclub or a Tony Blair campaign.

Simply after 2 losing months I am going back to basics. Low limit Fixed limit on Interpoker. I have worked out if could break even on this but absolutely hammer it volume wise you could make over 1k£ per month on rakeback and bonuses on a break even month.

Also I relooked up my Sharkscope single table stats on betfair for my user name suddes and this has a shark. I am going to play much more 6 paks again this month.

I think these 2 were my bread and butter in the early days of poker and I am quite sure things like poker tracker have screwed me. I am going to change my fixed limit game this month to use the poker tracker info people have on me to my advantage.

Cant wait for Friday night - not that I have any big plans just another very difficult week work wise and need to relaxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

Nice blog mate.

Very best of luck in dropping back down in limits. Certainly no shame in doing so. If more of the players could then I am almost positive fewer would go busto!

Brenos said...

Good luck for the grind mate, I'm all for you playing high volume on Interpoker ;-)

Are you using poker tracker yourself? If you're stuck just shout, I couldn't be without it now!

PS What's the crack with Azimut's blog? Enjoyed reading that one too :-(