Friday, January 02, 2009


Firstly, it is so easy when you have a good year like I have to just take it for granted. What i do realise is that while I feel I played very well last year I also ran very well in the last 3 months which included my 3 big multi wins. In all these I won at least 1 50 50 that mattered at final table. My profit at NL also was pretty much exactly what I ran at +EV. Hence some of below may look conservative but I would be genuinly pleased if hit them - especially as I plan to try an few bigger buy in events.


1) Win 36K in 2009.
2) Qualify for at least 1 of WSOP / CPC / AUSSIE or EPT.
3) Play 2 or 3 GUKPT and cash in at least 1.
4) Learn PLO without making a loss in the year.
5) Give up FL if losing at any point in year.
6) Make +EV from staking.


1) + £1 profit and I would be happy.
2) Give up online casino.


1) Get fit / lose 3/4 of a stone.
2) Do some exercise at least twice a week.
3) Plan to see the Northern lights in 09 / 10
4) Help someone get a shot at something they probably would not if did not help them (staking etc)

Thats it - hope all go's well for my readers also.


Amatay said...

gl mate, your goals seem alot more professional than mine lol.

Its the forum team event that teamdoob has organised btw, get involved, be gd to catch up.

TEAMDOBB said...

gl in 2009 smiler, ya need to reg for team event if ya wanna play, get in touch Ill sort it for ya

Anonymous said...

Good for you mate. Well, good luck for all of us this year.