Friday, January 30, 2009


More good news LOL

Play for hours tonight. In the 11K i put 4000 all in to pick up 600 blinds and antes but BB has a monster J10 that he snaps call for 3750 more and off course sucks out.

Then within 1 hand I shove all in for 30 big blinds versus tourny donk in Copenhagen sat who snap calls JT also and also hits.

It must be the retard donk AA and somes Jan up big time. My worst ever poker month.

At least shares have recovered a bot in last few days when I was in Geneva and dropped losses somewhat but end Jan cannot come soon enough.

The New Betfair software also gives me a massive headache so play there will be limited - I read a few people say they are getting headaches / sore eyes also.

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