Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I am £3k large down for the month at PLO

Lost a $2k pot tonight when got it in on flop when i thought i must be big fav. Turns out I was 60 40 fav when i ran it through calculator which was slightly less than i thought as I thought i would be 2:1 equity. However I did need to hit but had something like 20 outers although he did have top 2.

One of my biggets plo pots after i had decently grown roll at table but he was other deep stack and had me covered so another large hit.

I cant keep playing it if is going to cost me this much cash but going to suck it and see at 2 4 and 3 6 rather than 5 10 for a few weeks. Will give it up if lose £5k in Jan.


Amatay said...

5k at them lims is fuck all in PLO mate. Can quickly be busto or spun up to 20k i reckon

Robert "Animal" Price said...

wtf amagay got there b4 me, was just gonna say the same thing. 5/10 PLO has swings equal to more than double that stakes in holdem. U say its an experiment but why play at the same stake effectively as holdem cash.

Robert "Animal" Price said...

shame u didnt tell u that on prev post,could hav warned ya. i assumed u on 1/2 - 3/6 when u said experiment.