Saturday, January 17, 2009


Like the guy when he starts training in RunFatBoyRun.

Entered 2 games tonight after break - both big *s tourneys - get big stacks early in both then just now within 5 mins.

Ak v AQ all in (unbelievable he is all in given stack sizes) - I hit K turn he gets straight river. Then other game get them all in v another big stack with KK v 88 he flops 8 - again total clown getting them in with big stacks with 88.

Then worse than poker i lost a lot of cash on Fri when Barclays share price collapsed.

For 1st time for a long time I am busto at the moment bar a few GUKPT shorthnaded festival events I have already paid in for and then 2 tourneys above that I was top 10% in and now bottom 20%.

Maybe 2009 is the year of running bad as deffo ran well in 2008. Anyway - it don't look like much poker until payday.

Go see Slumdog Millionaire - its very good.


recovered well in the 100 game and 70 odd paid & then just busted 9oth all in SB v BB me AK him KQ and Q river to go out instead of top 10 or say - GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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