Thursday, January 22, 2009


No change :(

deposited some cash via credit card to Full Tilt.

Play the 50K gtd in Ok possy pick up AA and jam a huge reraise in and get call v 99 for huge pot flop 8910.

Then within 30 secs I am playing 2 4 NLHE and I have K2 in BB on K82 board - even patient enough to wait for a blank turn (4) before getting it in for 800$ pot versus AA and of course river pairs the board with the only fkin one that wouldnt give me the house (8) giving him AA88.

At least I controlled myself for no stupid twisting in chat box and saved it for here. The more they go on the more they hurt.

Also have had sickness stomach pains bug and was off today. Without any doubt the worst Jan I ever had. Figures are a mess and getting worse by the day - close correlation to my figure at the moment !!!


mberenis said...

Great blog, stop by and play a round of poker sometime.

Very Fun!Free!

poker strategy said...

hi ya....wowwww to the blog....makes to feel relaxed.fantastic one.i am sure success is at you gate