Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Roll gone - chip lead tonights GUKPT for ages but then below I think all coolers.

Called raise KQ board by river K55Q2 him KK.

Then late on when 8th of 9 with 5 paid I come over the top of someone with 1010 but immediatley fearful when Mr Tight to my left insta calls. He has QQ and I cant win an 80 20 never mind a 20 80 and goodnight.

Away in Geneva from Sunday anyway so might try a cheap sat to get in a game Fri or Sat otherwise thats it for month.

Done anout £4k sports and poker and my shares portfolio is minus £10K - by a long long way the worst month I ever had financially.


BH said...

Unlucky mate - doesn't sound as though you could do much else with those hands.

Amatay said...

Fucking hell mate, sounds like u are having a mare. Negative post after negative post. Hope it changes soon