Thursday, January 15, 2009


I won some very large amounts for my stakes on 1st and 2nd Jan and now see I am minus for the month - I think over 2 weeks that must be a £4 -£5K downswing.

Pretty sure my results for month will be one of my better NLHE cash months on record without playing daft spin ups and I have blew all that and more on PLO and no results in multis I have played.

Big lol at one of my aims for year to learn PLO without making a loss. I watched a vid last night that showed me how stupid I have been. One of the pros on cardrunners says if you are beating 25 50 NLHE at cash and new to PLO then you should start at 2 4 PLO.

I was playing 5 10 NLHE and beating that and basically started at 3 6 and 5 10 PLO. I think Animal posted a comment at the time that I didn't understand but i do now.

Stupid boy :(

Need to quickly work out if i give up PLO but problem is even though it costs me K$'s its far less boring than NLHE, however if it dont pay the bills it has to go.

New rule - 2 4 PLO only.

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