Saturday, January 19, 2008

Annetes 20k tourny

6 hours in I'm heads up - 1st gets 6k$ 2nd gets 4k$.

The important hand below - 50 50 but OUCH -I haven't won this tourny on Betfair as it is newish so a but gutted.

Deffo my best performance for ages - I was chip leader for 90% of final table and know I played my best poker for ages. I won one suckout for a 50k pot although I still would have been left with 60k. I picked up all the big pots heads up but he won all the small ones and the one that mattered. Not sure what people think of his & my play in the hand above - I'm pretty happy how I played hand and don't think I would have called in his position but that's the way it gos. It gets me £2k which is needed in Jan as wasn't going great although I have managed quite a bit of volume as Inerpoker has numerous offers on in Jan and they all relate to MPP. These are :-

over 2500 MPP = top rakeback rate
over 2500$ rake = 250$ bonus from raketherake
10k freeroll tourny each Sunday if done 500 mpp in week.
Also 2 platinum club offers also on mpp.

However wont get much poker in next 3 days.

- Tomorrow = toon (Special K) v Bolton then going to Aspers for £30 freezout.
- Sunday going to see a comedy play called Mrs Brown - if this comes to theatre near you go and see it its usually sooooo funny.
- Monday taking the wife to strictly come dancing for her xmas pressie (fortunately just watching)

Well done to FlashBadger for his Ireland performances (link on my blog)

UPDATE - Just had 2 hrs 10 20 fixed limit from 1am to 3am and got hand after hand on a very loose table and turned 400$ into 2000$ so a great night for me :)


TEAMDOBB said...

nice result mate wd and like the run it twice touch vg- not seen that before.
p.s. good £75 game coming soon at Stanleys week before £200 Grosvenor game.

Poker play the Soap way said...

Its a great site mate. You can watch a full session back and analyse how you played. I neraly always watch any final table i make back.

Its a site from Grazza from Betfair forum who seems cracking bloke hence i use it a lot