Thursday, January 31, 2008


6 Pak733
Rake / Bonus 863
Fixed Limit1940
Heads Up-208
Total Profit2398

Figures are Ok but I am majorly dissapointed - especially last few weeks where I have gone from £1500 up on NL to losing £1250. Guess 1st 2 weeks Jan great last 2 weeks the opposite. Was 4.5k up at one stage.


1) Return to form at fixed limit - played loads with good profit and decent rakeback to come.

2) winning 160 odd runners multi and 2nd in Annette game.

3) winning 5 6 Paks in a row for firsttime ever.


1) Last 2 weeks NL - I have lost my buy in and left every session playing crap or getting outdrawn.

2) The river in Annette toruny that cost me the win.

3) Work hours mean I have no way near the time for poker that I wanted to have and motivation low atthe moment.

4) Lasting less than 30 mins in EPT / WPT final.

I did quite a bit of volume (over 5000 MPP on Chrypto) and hence am due about 500 in rake and bonuses to start off Feb. I am going to use £400 to buy into WPT / EPT final again.

Some great promotions on Interpoker this month for high volume players. If you aint got an account and are interested and want good rakeback deal then click on the raketherake banner above.

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