Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Treated myself to 2 things from my 2nd in Anettes game and almost blew nearly all the cash!!!


Direct buy into the 500EUR WPT qualifier on Interpoker on Sat night. This is a 1 seat only sat and tends to be the kind of thing I come 2nd or 3rd in but if you don't try you don't get in.


As some of you know I have a small percentage in a horse called Guest Connections. I nearly bought a share a year ago in a 2 year old called Fol Hollow - I wish I did as it went on to win 2 races - I have now bought that share in Fol Hollow but it cost me double it would have a year ago. Anyway hopefully its good enough to run on Saturdays and get me a few days out at premier racecourses. New edition is pictured above and like Guest Connections is trained by Dandy Nicholls.


F-Badger said...

give me a shout if u ever make it up to musselburgh. I have an annual badge so will be there

TEAMDOBB said...

u need the Teamdobbs lucky touch in picking winners matey!