Sunday, December 30, 2007


First and foremost - this has been my best and most enjoyable year in poker. Qualifying for St Kitts and for the Blue Square event at Newcastle were added extras on the profit that I have made. However, I wanted to go back and revisit my 5 major aims for the year and am very pleased when I did this in the afternoon today. I will think of my 2008 aims in next few days and probably will include some non poker elements this year which i didn't last.

Review is below hope you enjoy.


Saturday, December 30, 2006

I need to do a thread which is not me twisting so here gos.Aims for 2007 in order of importance and % chance I think I have of achieving it.1) Win 12k on line in 2007. 50%2) Make a profit from stt's or dont play them. 80%3) Have at least 9 winning months from 12. 50%4) Qualify for a major live tournament making the effort via satellites. 20%.5) play NL cash on betfair more and make a profit - 80%plus 2 less measurable ones.1) dont abuse anyone in chat unless abused first no matter how bad there play is.2) have at least 1 day a week when dont play poker.


1) Final figures are not avilable yet but I think I won almost 3 times my target. A huge success and the pleasing thing for me is my 3 main earners are all similar % of profits which is single tables, multis and rake/bonus.

2) I have made a big profit from STT hence continued to play the - approx 8 or 9k this year although I have not kept detailed ROI records.

3) I had 10 winning months out of 12.

4) I qualified for the Blue Square Newcastle event and won a package to St Kitts worth 4k$.

5) I played more NL also although not just Betfair. I was in front for year but behind mtt's and stt's although done well this month since St Kitts coaching and hopefully can keep progressing.

The ones i didnt achieve were the 2 less measurable ones - I still get in some stupid spats and many weeks play every night. I will post a full breakdown of year i the next few days.

The question I ask myself - am I a better player now than 1 year ago and I can say with confidence a resounding Yes. That's not being arrogant I just know I have improved a lot in the year.

I want to thank my blog for improving my game by helping me avoid tilt and reminding me we have good beats as well as bad beats :). This really has given me a great focus and something i will continue into next year.

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