Thursday, December 13, 2007


Beat 2/5 moved to 5/10 and beat this so of course I move to 10/20 far too quick and got a quick hiding last night losing a 1k$ buy in.

Still a little up on NL but this wiped out the roll as I had withdrawn £2k at weekend so need to redeposit - a bit stupid to be playing 10/20 with a role of 50 bbs i suppose !!!!!

The pro poker players wil desapir at the above but to be honest I aint one that has ever invested in good bankroll management - I only every play high limits with profits so I can never lose anything that wasnt poker related unless i lose it big at low limits. I use same theory if i ever have a spin at the casino if i win a bit i risk profits at a higher level - my feeling is if you never try high levels then you never know - back to drawing board !!

Net result is I will probably play multis and hope for a decent return before returning to NL cash. However short experiment of 2 weeks and I can see from my St Kitts lesson I have definately improved - thanks Mr Brennan.

Just reread the above I sound like Bluescouse :) !!!

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