Monday, December 10, 2007

Another Freeroll multi win :)

I was free rolling again tonight and couldn't be arsed to play any of the big multis as was up till 6am watching the Hatton fight and then winning the work 5 a side comp this afternoon :D.

Anyway Interpoker had a promotion called cash and gadget race where the top 500 players based on MPP all qualified for 50 runner free roll. I qualified for the position 100-150 free roll of which 30 of the 50 people who could have played did play for about 8k$. I was very please with this as 8k$ over 30 players its like a 300$ entry game.

Anyway I got to the final table with 1 big scare - I was all in with tenten and got a bad call by ace 9 and an ace flopped but a ten on the riv came to my rescue (and was to again).

With 3 left the other 2 looked like they were playing to move up a place so I put my foot on the accelerator and picked up pot after pot uncontested. I got to heads up with a chip lead and continued with aggression - however I was all in AK v A4 for the game and he hit 4. I was then all in again AK v AT and he hit split. I went very low and won with 67 v 44 and then in final hand i pushed and was called - my K10 v his A6 and ten came to my rescue on river. However, I think i deserved it after than hands above.

1st paid 3600$ and well done to Keith coming 4th for 1000$ and currently leading the 16k on betfair.

No travel this week so hopefully get a few games in and next multi planned is Mansion 100k on Tue.

GL all + thanks for reading.


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Brenos said...

He had A6 not AJ final hand. Congrats wp once more the freebies :-)