Monday, December 31, 2007


One of my best months is poker profit wise which is strange as I have had some horrible luck late in big $ tournies ( I guess I prob got my share in getting to the final table. I have had 3 big months this year that make up 75% of the years profit and this was one of them.

6 Pak100
9 Seater974
Rake / Bonus 445
Fixed Limit-665
Heads Up-630
Total Profit9011


1) NL cash has been going very well since Kitts although I have to say my hands have been holding up in big post which is always nice when i get it in when in front.

2) I played really well to go deep in some multis this month with 2 small multi wins, a 2nd and 5th in the 16k and that horrid beat on Mansion for 4th in the 50k.

3) Fixed limit although still lost feel my form came back a bit and I have made a couple of changes.


1) Playing crap in heads up games especially late at night.

2) That Mansion sick 2 outer beat which cost me a fortune and Ak not beating QQ on betfair when 5th the night before last.

3) getting involved in needless spats on fl for peanuts.

A pleasing end to a very good year - will post year to date breakdown of the year tomorrow or the next day.

Good luck at tables.


Anonymous said...

Good work on results mate - still setting standard for the P&G crowd. Beware of the unemployed Brenos next year though, I'm sure he's got his beedy eyes on your bankroll..

2 more 2008 New Years resolutions for your blog:
1 - Drastically reduce your bad beat rants on blog. I've seen you get a fair few good beats too without any of them getting more than a passing mention here, so seems v biased opiion.
I know you say you the blog to calm down after a bad beat rather than tilting, so if you want to keep it as that then fine, but if you want more readers and comments then just write them down and save in your word folder. Maybe set yourself target of 1 or 2 bad beat stories per month max??

2 - go to football training more often!

3 - give up on toon and support a real team... someone with a chance of winning something... like Spurs.

Best of luck for new year,

Anonymous said...

obviously didn't proof read that last post... as created a 3rd New Year's resolution when said would only do 2.

Carl / Rich / Brenos - feel free to mock

Wildcat said...

Best of luck for 2008 mate :)