Sunday, March 02, 2008


Both losing hands v Animal who I know as met him in ST Kitts. I also respect his game and have played with him quite a bit lately in multis. Some times multi wins can be hands you lose the minimum in rather than the hands you win as these chips saved double up when you do.

I think on both these hands I could easy have bust and see them as the 2 key hands for me in the game. No idea what he had on 2nd but I expect 99 maybe he will tell me when he drops buy!!


4 limpers q9x flop all hearts i had q9 no more hearts come but i feel i may be getting milked off low flush who is looking to avoid heart on river before putting significant bet in. River is none heart and i have top 2 pair and i choose to check call. I think bet and he would raise and would be very hard put down.


i raise pre AK sooted flop I think A 9 3 rainbow. i bet he calls turn rag - i bet he calls - riv - i bet he raises all in - I assume I am beat and chuck. Its also before final table and both me and him are on same skin and know that we need final table so I give him respect for 99. ( Either that or he makes a good move knowing i need to ft also).

Let me know Animal !!


Robert "Animal" Price said...

hand2 is wrong i wont reveal if i had 99 or not yet as i wnna knw ya had air ot not b4 i reveal y i played hand the way i did.

board came 3J975 (no flushes or flushdraws). surely u had overpair cos it aint a big fold otherwise !

hand1 sucked i raise turn or even flop there so often but cos u i played diff. mind u nxt time i play u i may or may not play such a hand diff :)

god that final made me mad im gettin anooyed now just talkin bout it. my luck in it sux for last 3 weeks, had so mny beats for massive pots ive lost count. joke the way i bust too playin tight and matey thinkin he can resteal off me with kqoff when i aint foldin in a win only game last 5 with ne2 i raise with. just happened i had bout lowest holding at the time i could hav of kjstd :(

Poker play the Soap way said...

I have not saved hand history so take yoru word for it.

If that was flop then I had AA

Robert "Animal" Price said...

i had the nuts, wanted to raise turn but had guy bhind me and was hopin he come along with QJ or sommat or even for him to b on trips and stick a raise in on turn. u saved money neway if u chk call there my bet would been 1000 on end cos i remember as oppose to the 600 u stuck in.