Monday, March 10, 2008


I was on the way to blowing my weekly chip lead in the 160$ qualifier to the 1500$ event.

Lost a whack of chips on q32 board v q9 when he 2 paired turn v my flopped 2 pair q3.

Then I got a huge suckout - 3 left 2 seats me shortie reraised a raiser all in and I had a2 - I ren into genuine hand of AK who called but a 2 on the flop = suckout city. I then raised 88 and small stack flat called and pushed on 652 board - easy call for me as he cant have a hand - must be a draw and he only had ace 7 but turned a str and flush draw that missed and I win my seat in Saturday nights final.

Hope its not an anti climax but happy to get at least 1 shot after many near misses - I probably could have bought in for less than it has cost me to qualify !!!!

Cheltenham Day 1 picks

Tidal Bay 15/2 (I am on ante post 10-1)
New Alco approx 14s
Ollie Magern EW 50-1

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