Tuesday, March 04, 2008

POKER MILLION NEMESIS & continued NL cash joy

Played the Sat to the final again tonight and got into my best position.
Took over a bit with 3 left and managed to get to 28k v 2 stacks less than 10k.
Heads up had someone me over 30k them less than 10k and v a passive opponant i still lost !!!!

Main hand was when i jam reraised with tt but he had qq but also lost quite a few hands like when dominated - dissapointed as i really want to play in that final but cant get their and 1500$ is too much.

On plus side I had another bash at 10 20 NL on laddies trying to spin it up again playing mega aggresive and then using the agression to my advantage when hit big hand.

Key hand below - dream flop pretty sure he had high pocket pair. I also run golden and complain when I get beats etc so thought only right to celebrate when run golden !!!

Dealing Hole Cards(5h 5s )
> Inoriisss raised for $80
> Eversti78 folded
> hager folded
> dish called for $70
> c1975h folded
> Dealing the Flop(5d 6c 6h )
> dish checked
> Inoriisss bet for $180
> dish raised for $360
> Inoriisss called for $180
> Dealing the turn(10h )
> dish bet for $450
> Inoriisss went all-in for $5,029.60
> dish went all-in for $998.60
> Extra chips returned to Inoriisss, $3,581
> Dealing the river(Jc )
> dish shows a Full House, Fives full of Sixes
(5h 5s 5d 6c 6h )
> Inoriisss mucked
> dish wins $3,795.20 with a Full House, Fives full of Sixes

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