Monday, March 17, 2008


I will never be a top played till I learn to fold KK. Just spun 250 up to 550 at 5 10 Nl and pick up kings.

Raise ahead to 40 and i make it 133 - raise behind to 270 - I think what else can he have bar aces with that raise? But I am simply not good enough - I flat call almost hoping for ace to flop to make decision easier (little chance when liklihood 2 left) - however 9 high and i cant fold and go bust. This is awful play by me and something I desperately need to adress if I am ever going to make a decent cash player.

Looked back over the last 6 weeks and I have won packages galore ( 3 GUKPT (£1500) 2 WPT EPT (10kEUR)and a WSOPE (23k$) - what an amazing run. However most of these are very small plus in P+L so need to get back to the grind of playing normal tournies (especially as holidays are almost full now) - not complaining as winning all the pacakges has been awesome but if end of day if i dont cash then its not real money - was able to cash one in for 7.5k so that was good - at least means March will be a big plus month. However something like WSOPE i know there will be at least 50% of field better than me - prob nearer 90 !!!

PS any readers know when 2008 wsope is I cant find it anyway?

New aim for April is to improve my cash game and get back to normal multis.


Small Stakes Poker said...

Would imagine like last year it will be in September again but like you cant find it listed anywhere. wd and gl

TEAMDOBB said...

Im sure WSOPE is in October m8y. Yill deffo need a cushion for that one. Just on a note to what you said about these events. In my opinion its what its all about by having the opportunity of playing in such events as these and as you well know with the bit of luck and the right cards at the right time that golden payday can happen to any decent player. Cant win it if ya aint in it. GL.

Anonymous said...

I think I saw on BF somewhere that it starts Oct 30

Anonymous said...

I recently saw a game in the WSOP where three hands were QQ, KK, and AA. The player with KK folded pre-flop and everyone was flipping out at the incredible read this player had until a K fell on the flop.

In the end they said you should never fold KK. Even if they are holding AA you can still hit an out to win.

Anonymous said...

Hi Soap,

WSOPE 08 will be from 19th to 30th September, main event starting on the 25th. Look forward to seeing you there.

Smart Money said...

Tough to fold Kings with only 50BB though, especially with the more aggressive nature of $5/10, even when your opponent makes such a poor raise.