Saturday, March 29, 2008


No poker all work - got 2 hrs in last night and did £650 in 3 hands and never worst than 60 40 fav when cash went in ( 1 60 40 1 70 30 1 80 20) - happens move on.

To be honest my month profit centres around the WPT win I was able to cash but good month cash wise all the same. I checked I played 20% volume of what I played last year :(

Guest Connections may make seasonal debut on Wed at Catterick but I am too busy to go - I feel it is on a decent handicap mark and hopefully can land a few wins this year after 2nd and 3rd galore last.

Work do tonight - black tie affair / free booze etc - however I am working tomorrow so am going to try and not get as messy as usual but already doubt that ....!!

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