Sunday, March 02, 2008


Had played some low stakes stuff and am a few hundred down for month before rake paid.

Tonight I played 3 games - sat to 100k on Betfair (yes i went back !! ) lost.
Sat 50$ to WSOPE 550$ final which i won pretty easy (final in a few weeks)

and then the 500EUR final for the 10K EUR pacakge gtd on Crapto which I won - will post more details tomorrow but worst beat I put in anyone with the chips in before river was KT sooted v A 5. Played Ok but was last of 4 with 4 left and also dominated 2:1 heads up but came through and won a 10K pacakge.

Now the issue I have is I am playing all these glamour events but really struggling for any holiday - I will have to use them both later in year although pretty sure i want to use one for Bahamas event in Jan. I may be able to cash 2nd one in which would be my preference but I need to check terms and conditions.

I also win a GUKPT seat to Manchester which I already have one so hope they can cash this instead or buy me in to toon event.

All in all none of the wins have made the P&L as i don't count them as wins as biggest likelihood is play the events and get 0 - only thing I add to P&L is any physical cash I get. However, if can cash 2nd package in it should be worth about £9K with GUKPT part also.

Anyway I had a good March last year - hope this is the start for this year. I have just booked a weekend with the Mrs in Cork over Easter and going to visit Cork races and do a little R&R over Easter - looking forward to that also.

Toon game was frustrating today - totally dominated game but Owen missed sitter after sitter - relegation fight starts here !!

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