Saturday, March 08, 2008


Just had a call from LWoods saying I had been named as player of month - was waiting to hear if that got me added bonus !!!

Turns out if meant I had to do a brief interview for their Podcast which was all !!!!!

Anyway was literally 3 -4 mins with standard questions.

However, I did learn form the interview that this years Carribean Poker Classic will be on a cruise ship rather than at the Marriott in St Kitts which for me is a shame as that was a fantastic resort although I know when I was their they were talking about cruise ship due to some legislation about advertising.


TEAMDOBB said...

All aboard sailor. Hope you combed ya hair and had clean socks on for that interview Soaps!
Nice one matey see you in November if not before.

Brenos said...

Congrats mate, be sure to post link when it's online