Monday, March 24, 2008


Cork started bad and didn't get much better.

Its 1 hr flight unfortunately proceeded by a 7 hr delay which was a nightmare. i would have just gone home if they had told me up front was 7 hr delay. Anyway I had booked hotel in middle of nowhere also so wasn't a good start.

Racing in VIP bit at Cork was really good plus greta value for cash but no winners in 6 races was a bit shite. Just went round bars watching footy on Sunday and came back today. Not sure I went to wrong places but was not much to do in general - don't think I will go back.

Anyway how did i get a badbeat without playing. I bought 10% in Graham Clarkson AKA Flash Badger - was delighted when my mate text saying he was still in on day 3 and i assumed he must be in or close to the cash. I got text 1 hr later to say lost a massive pot near bubble aa v qq with q on riv.

I felt like shit he must have felt 9 times worse. I know he reads this blog - so top effort mate - your just losing the big pots that matter - I am sure a big win is round the corner. I seen a bit of it on TV last night and it would have been a good tourny to be stacked in late on as standard seemed shite. EG guy with 55 pushing all in from early possy with 1/4 mill at 5k 10k blinds and spikin 5 etc.

Anyway alls well that ends well. I had put a huge footy acca on for me £250 - I knew I had toon adn Man U at evens and could not rememeber whether I had been greedy adding Villa who lost. Just logged on to see ching ching :)


Anonymous said...

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TEAMDOBB said...

Aye I followed last GUKPT and he was sooooo ul there and watched this one on Nutz TV for monsta pot at critical cash cut as well. Total gutter for the guy. Must due change of luck as you say.

F-Badger said...

I was indeed gutted! Funny though I was more annoyed at walsall and it was only 1/10 the size tourney!

Anyway never mind - cant do anything else but try.