Sunday, March 09, 2008

How do you not tilt?

Just playing 400$ on Laddies trying to spin it up to 1500 to enter poker million final.

Then i got exactly who you want on your table - a 1/4wit but it all gos wrong and i just went into chat rage for first time in yonks.

I get up to 650$ then have KK on bb with him on sb i limp as he deffo cant put a hand down.

flop j 7 8 he bets i raise huge he pushes i call. He has 10 3 and river 9 gives him 1200$ pot.

lost 2.5k$ this weekend - not good :(

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Robert "Animal" Price said...

i lost more :(( check out azi comment on my blog u will (live) lov(in) it.