Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Damn was trying to do work and play poker tonight - bad mix.

I was 3rd in 16k early doors and had decent stack which i donked most off with 55 on 10 high board that i played awful and then called a reraise all in with no more than ace ten to finish out the cash after a great start.

Then similar on cash I win over 1000$ in 1st 10 mins and lose this and my original 700$ buy in with absolute crap play - i nearly left the hand before also which is always the way.

I am very very close to best month of year and if I had left cash after initial 1000$ win I would have been there.

Just going to play 3 cheapish Blue Square Sat tomorrow night to GUKPT, to Maccau final Sat and to the 1500$ buy in event coming up - i will take getting through in 1.

I also have my foot problem back which aint good news - working at home for a few days as a result.

Fol Hollow has an entry at Goodwood in the last on Fri - not sure if he will run yet.

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