Wednesday, July 09, 2008


I should be in bed by now (140am)

However in the fortunate position of being in last 3 of 16K versus 2 Italians (now that must be a first !!! )

Luck gone my way on final table winning 2 50 50s when all in and a 30 70 v a small stack. Then lost a couple of 50 50s but was chip leader by then so rather it was that way round.

One of the guys was disco with 3 left for a while and the other guy has just pushed his small stack all in v my AA which held - !!!

Heads up now - me 177k v 127k but he has a really weird style - I think I need to wait to hit but getting cack after cack but will stay patient

I also entered the side pot last longer bet which I have won which nets me 920$ and 1st here is $4800 and 2nd $3200 so decent night.

update in a while with result in case anyone up at this ungodly hour !! (now 5 hrs 30 mins in !!)

Just won once i stopped bluffing the calling station !!

Gutted no MTT leaderboard this month - have now won the 20k and 16k in 2 days I would have been a mile clear !!!


TEAMDOBB said...

wowzza the good old days have returned.
gr8 stuff matey

Wildcat said...

Yep, super form, keep it going!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant result mate and a nice boost to the wallet!

Anonymous said...

excellent blogs going to post a link yo your blogs if ok