Saturday, July 05, 2008


Winner of the Annette 20k$ gtd tonight for 6k$.

I had big chip lead with 6 left nad once again found myself in the scenario of a big hand v 2nd chip leader.

I raised with 10 10 and he reraised me and I choosed to fold this time. Anyway 3 left I get a bit of luck when my K J sooted (loose callof reraise) flops 2 of the suit and hits when all in on turn versus QQ. I then have 4:1 chip lead and flop a set and wonder how to get cash out of it till my opponant pushes all in with air so no stress.

Only bad news is leaderboards are not running this month else I would have had very good start. However, aint won that Multi before as quite new and nice to get a win under belt again.


Brenos said...

WD congrats :-)

TEAMDOBB said...

yip nice to see ya smiling again and back on the podium- wd gr8 result

Wildcat said...

Good stuff, wp :)