Sunday, July 06, 2008



Still plenty donks - I raise at 25 50 to 300 and get 4 callers with 1010.

Anyway flop a nice looking AA10 - someone comes over the top of my bet - sweet - he shows A2 - wtf !!!! ? - river 2 for 9k pot early doors.


Think this is worse - I lose some stack early and have 1600 at 10 20 levels. me qq - table donk raises to 336 at 10 20 levels - I shove for 1400 - they call KT off - q on flop followed by J and A to make coco the straight.

40k Crapto exit to follow once i get donked

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Anonymous said...

Hi - I was on this table, my alias is mugpunt. I have also recently joined the Newcastle Poker Forum and was on the final table with TeamDobbs at Aspers last night. When I saw your comments on his blog he said you were local, I live at Forest Hall. Anyway, just wanted to say Hi and well done on the last couple of days on betfair.