Saturday, July 19, 2008



Just played 100$ rebuy sat on Blue Square for GUKPT Luton event and finished 3rd (3 seats) after chip leading from about 18 out but nearly blew it - cards dryed up and won a load of pots with steals to stay in it.


Think of last 6 cash sessions i lost at least 5 maybe 6 - I was 6K up after 2 days in month and gave half that back now.


Work in general - hours huge, loads of travel, constantly knacked and stressed - need time off desperate.

In other news 2 items of note.

1) We sold Guest Connections and since he has gone and won 2 races (both sellers) in 2 days !!!!

2) I just had my gardens done out by professional - looks awesome now - was big £to get done but delighted with it as most the £s werew from sitting on ass playing this game we all love.

Anyway gl all.

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