Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lost 4 sessions in a row

Long time since I did that :(

Have a new target - I am going to try and qualify for the Asia Poker Tour event in Macau China. I have loads of holiday to take (much more than the Mrs) so hopefully can qualify for a poker event and get a jolly also.

Buy in is 5k$ and have some airmiles if i qualify -I heard that you can fly to Hong Kong and then get a short ferry to Macau - Macau is the upcoming Vegas of China for anyone who does not know with Vegas brands Wynn and Venettian already set up.
Ben / Brennan - I would also go for a weeks jolly and try and qualify via a sat when there if any of you fancy and have the cash give me a shout


Anonymous said...

Which month is it in?

Could be tempted, but needs to fit in with other holiday plans...

Poker play the Soap way said...

Last week in Aug