Monday, July 21, 2008


Bubbled for a 9k seat to Maccau

3 seats i was 4th of 4 and lost 99 v a5 for gtd seat and then KK v 99 with 1/3rd stack in pre on qt9 flop - totally gutted.

Compensation in the 55k - i got a good beat on way to final table - then got heads up with a deficit but got back to level - however i faded after about 1 hr of heads up and he probably was slightly better - i lost a huge pot with a poor holding but 11k$ for 2nd and my biggest poker cash is nice compensation. I owe 15% of that out in swaps.

Would have took that and a Maccau package so actually a bit disspointed. I have that week sorted off work and thought i was there :(

Anyway gl all

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