Monday, July 07, 2008


Just spent all the prize money from Friday night in one 1 hr rampage.

Fortunately not on the poker tables :)

As you know i have a 10k$ CPC package which is a cruise from Miami - however you have to sort your own way there - Virgin allow you to get a return ticket flying to one location and flying back from another which sometimes works a treat in limiting the number of flights you have to get. This was a pretty good price at £350 before tax but tax is undelievable > £200 these days. thats like 40% on top of flight

Anyway agenda now looks like below.

Fly London to Jamaica with Virgin (direct)
7 nights at the Royal Caribbean All Inclusive resource (Sandals) - costly but looks mint.
Fly American airlines direct to Miami
Intercontinental near the port of Miami for a day and a half
Set sail for 7 days around 3 Caribbean islands and loads of poker
Return to Miami port and fly that evening with Virgin direct from Miami to London

Looks mint - unfortunately 4 months away as cant wait already.


Brenos said...

Awesome schedule mate, jealous!

TEAMDOBB said...

grrrrrrrrr got my mind weeerrring away now.
should cya there anyway if not b4