Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Just finished playing the 300$ event tonight. Only 90 odd runners which was a tad dissapointing and much less than the live field numbers.

Too late to post details but 1 key hand with 9 left - pot 3 all ins me Ak v QQ v 99 but i missed - that was for big chip lead.

10 paid and points count on GUKPT leaderboard so I am off the mark !!!

1st was 9k$ 2nd 6k$ and 3rd 3.8k$

I was well behind the 2 chip leaders with 3 left but basically went and played some of the most aggressive poker i have ever played to gain a small chip lead - also helped by some decent cards.

I then get all the chips in with 3 left with AK against AQ and flop comes sickest ever KJT - minimum 2.2k$ bad beat most probable 5,2k$ :(

Then I get a decent stack again but still 3rd come over the top of a reraise with A3 delighted to see against K3 on ace high flop - runner runner flush. He didnt even have the manners to put unlucky - totally and utterly gutted. Thats twice in a week for huge prizes i lose 2 consecutive hands when massive fav for huge cash.

Anyway no poker tomorrow - taking the Mrs to Kylie at the toon !!!


TEAMDOBB said...

you should be so lucky lucky lucky.

enjoy the concert cos its better the devil you know and hand on heart and especially for you enjoy yourself and no tears on ya pillow and dont get shocked and things can only get better

Anonymous said...

LOL AT Dobb's comment.

Unlucky coming third, still anice score that will giv eyou plenty of reddies to buy Kylie trinkets!

Brenos said...

Did "The Mrs" enjoy Kylie? ;-)